Fiscal Responsibility and Reducing Taxes

We should balance the budget and keep taxes fair. Now that we have a huge budget surplus we need to reduce the tax burden on families, seniors, and small businesses.

As a former deputy state treasurer, I helped Michigan earn a AAA bond rating and reduce state and local taxes. We can do it again.

Repairing Our Local Roads

Local roads are falling apart. We need to prioritize repairs of our county, city, and township roads. Let’s use our state tax dollars for local roads.

Education Excellence

Every child in Michigan deserves a good education. We need to emphasize reading, writing, and math skills. As a parent, I know that improving a child’s proficiency in the basics will give them a strong foundation. Critical Race Theory and other radical ideas will not.

Competition In Sports

Our kids should have a fair chance in everything they do. Biological boys should compete against boys. Biological girls should compete against girls. That is only fair.

Election Security

Demanding a Photo ID on election day, and verifying signatures for absentee voters, does not stop people from voting. It does stop people from cheating.

Vocational Training

Skilled trade jobs are a good option for those students who want an alternative to college. Many skilled trade job openings are going unfilled. Let’s work with our state’s employers to offer students greater opportunities to participate in skilled trade training programs.

Parental Choice

Parents know best the educational option where their children will succeed. I want all parents to have the opportunity to choose the best school for their child.

Broadband Access

Many of our state’s rural communities don’t have adequate high-speed broadband services. We must improve our broadband networks now so our rural communities have access to markets, educational resources, and a better quality of life.


Michigan agriculture is one of our state’s top economic drivers. We need to help our producers find workers, and control rising costs for supplies, energy, and wages.